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Branded as a student’s consultancy and a new player in the market, our key concept is to offer professional services to our clients at reasonable charges. At this infant stage of our consultancy, our primary service is events management which covers organization, planning and managing the events. In time, we aspire to grow from events management and extend to a broader services range with the communications scope.

proPassion Communications Launch

A big Thank You to all who came and all those who were involved with proPassion Communications throughout the semester! You've made it a truly memorable experience :)

pre-launch briefing

Linda Khoo, Amanda Ang, Andrea Kee, Joanne Lee, Joel Neoh

VIP Ng Khai Lee giving his speech

Dr. Patrick Kee, Taylor's College Academic Director

VIP Joel Neoh

The officiating of proPassion Communications

Officially Launched!

Presentation of momentos

And something special for our advisor, Ms. Adeline, to put on her wall :)

proPassions Crew: Vanessa Palencia, Amanda Ang, Aina Mardhia

Thanks to our audience for coming and supporting us!


Ng Khai Lee, Joanne Lee, Joel Neoh, Alvin Low

Post-launch celebrations

Kerry Ng, Ng Khai Lee, Audrey Chan, Joanne Lee

Group photo!

For more photos, click here.

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