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Branded as a student’s consultancy and a new player in the market, our key concept is to offer professional services to our clients at reasonable charges. At this infant stage of our consultancy, our primary service is events management which covers organization, planning and managing the events. In time, we aspire to grow from events management and extend to a broader services range with the communications scope.

Were you there at the Beauty8 Expo?

proPassion Communications represented Thai spa brand, Sukhita for this year's international beauty trade exhibition Beauty8 Expo held at PWTC on the 15th - 18th September 2008 in their efforts to raise brand awareness on behalf of Sukhita.

The main activities carried out at Sukhita's booth during the expo were the dissemination of brochures, as well as on-the-spot product demo. The former soon became the main attraction to the crowd, as the booth was constantly swarmed with trade visitors, media and members of the public. Visitors were given the opportunity to experience the ultimate spa indulgence with Sukhita's environmental-friendly products.

product demostration

spin the wheel

'The Aspiration of Success through; Beauty,Wellness & Lifestyle Indulgence' Seminar
by Mr.Boon Teoh

Beauty8Expo was great fun and visitors showed positive feedbacks and anticipation on the product and its coming launch. We had a great time, but we would never have done it without all your support. So, thank you for supporting proPassion Communications and Sukhita!

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