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Branded as a student’s consultancy and a new player in the market, our key concept is to offer professional services to our clients at reasonable charges. At this infant stage of our consultancy, our primary service is events management which covers organization, planning and managing the events. In time, we aspire to grow from events management and extend to a broader services range with the communications scope.

Care to make some MONEY?

Come make some money @ Xtion Paintball Park, Bukit Jalil on the 18th of April 2009! If you're unable or uninterested in participating in Mass Colympics '09, you are definitely interested in making some money.

Items such as food, clothes, accesories, etc... are among the few things we're looking forward to seeing you sell at our event. Please take note that we don't allow drinks, illegal contraband, drugs, pornographic material, or any inappropriate items.

The booths are priced at RM75 (Open air) and RM200 (Canopy).

For more information, please contact 012-6356 736 (Cheryl).

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