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Branded as a student’s consultancy and a new player in the market, our key concept is to offer professional services to our clients at reasonable charges. At this infant stage of our consultancy, our primary service is events management which covers organization, planning and managing the events. In time, we aspire to grow from events management and extend to a broader services range with the communications scope.

Masscolympics 2009 ticket sale has begun!
Ticket is now priced at RM18 per ticket, purchase of five tickets comes with one complimentary ticket. Also, each ticket purchased comes with a Mass Colympics T-shirt.

Feel free to approach any proPassion member for inquiry.

Mass Colympics 09

date: 18th April 2009
time: 9am - 5pm

venue: Xtion Paintball Park
(please refer to map & address below)

(Click on picture to enlarge)

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