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Branded as a student’s consultancy and a new player in the market, our key concept is to offer professional services to our clients at reasonable charges. At this infant stage of our consultancy, our primary service is events management which covers organization, planning and managing the events. In time, we aspire to grow from events management and extend to a broader services range with the communications scope.

Beauty, Wellness & Lifestyle Sparty

proPassion held a launch for their client- B.gorgeous at Jeumpa D'ramo on 11.10.08.
The Sparty last weekend was a blast!
Below are some behind-the-scenes pictures from Sukitha's launch Sparty.

The team preparing snacks for the guests.

Tun and Rain setting up the buntings.

proPassion with Sukitha's products

The models photographed by a NST journalist

Winner of Miss B.Gorgeous title, Amanda posing with Sukitha products.

MyFM and MixFM cruisers dropped by too!
Thank you to our guests, members of the media, MixFM and MyFM cruisers for spending your Saturday with us. We hope that your enjoyed your Sukitha experience with us!

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